Cullen Crisp – The father villain in Kindergarten Cop. A truly amazing 90s villain. This a man who is a ruthless drug-dealing gangster, with a ponytail. He gave Arnold a run for his money in classic 90’s film.

Shooter Mcgavin – This 90s villain eats turds for breakfast. Happy Gilmore had his hands full with this crafty mastermind.

Matt Wilson –  Even though Pauly Shore’s performance was a crime against acting, Matt Wilson as a high school 90s villain went way beyond wedgies to create havoc.

3 stoners /surfers – Yet another group of 90s villain (s) in 3 Ninjas.

Best 90s villains ? Tough.

All these villains were exceptional. If you’re having a difficult time deciding on which one is the best take some of these variables in to consideration;

  1. Outfit – Some of these villains have incredible threads
  2. Phrases – These one liners are phenomenal.
  3. Challenges – The opponents, resources, and conditions.

Decide wisely. This could start a petition to a sequel.

Halo vs Call of Duty


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