Head to Head

VS gives you the power to decide. It could change the course of history. On important matters like Tacos vs Pizza. The universe is counting on you to settle these age long debates. It’s time to set the record straight. There can be only one! Have an idea for a VS.

Taco vs Pizza

A Taco vs Pizza option is probably one the hardest decisions a human has to make. Everyday we could potentially have to make this decision. Which is better? You decide. Before you do consider the following variables; Tacos could cause a running to bathroom. 2 points...

Best NFL Criminal

Who’s the best NFL criminal? We’ve seen some serious criminals come through the NFL. Whose the best of the...

Classic 90s Villains

Cullen Crisp – The father villain in Kindergarten Cop. A truly amazing 90s villain. This a man who is a ruthless drug-dealing gangster, with a ponytail. He gave Arnold a run for his money in classic 90’s film. Shooter Mcgavin – This 90s villainĀ eats...

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