Would You Rather


Friends was and still is one of the greatest shows of all time. Who would you rather is left up to you? Get creative and choose wisely. Phoebe – Strong confindent seems like she would up for anything. Monica- Structured, knows how to cook and clean. Seems like...

Who Would You Rather Bang – Home Improvement

Jill – She’s tough and in charge. Probably knows her way around. Hedi- She looks fun and awesome. Wilson – He’s mysterious and knows how to keep a secret. Lisa – Looking good young...

King, Rock Star, or Quarterback?

Would you rather be a King, Rock Star, or Quarterback ?   Ahh it’s good to be the king. King to rule over subjects and land. Maybe not loved but feared?   “I wanna Rock!!!”. Being a Rockstar in the 70s could be sweet, if you don’t die...

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